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A Tiny Selection of Our Books For Sale
Additional Information (about us and our books) - (at page bottom.)

   Non-fiction - a few of the most significant...

  • The Forgotten Army, true and grim description of life as a prisoner of war forced into slave labour on the 'Death Railway' of Kwai Bridge fame. On special offer on-line now.
  • Looking After Number One, a true, detailed and sometimes moving story of how one young widow coped with her husband's multiple sclerosis, the problems, the joys, the pains, prejudice, and the aftermath.
  • The Lynch-Mob Syndrome, an in depth study of miscarriages of justice with child-carers such as Sally Clark and Louise Woodward, Angela Cannings and many more.
  • Dyslexia, an authoritative helping hand for parents of (possibly) dyslexic children.
  • Budding Bestseller, upgraded from the origninal Budding Author guide, written by people who did it the hard way and know the business; regularly updated. On-line offer - only £3·00 via e-mail. See Budding Bestseller feature page.
  • Before Hitting Bottom, a new compassionate and effective treatment for addiction before 'hitting bottom;' aimed mostly at family, colleagues and friends.
  • Plus many more. Go to the Infinity Junction book list.

       Fiction - the list is far too long to show here, but here are a few of the top sellers...

  • Not For Bedtime, chilling tales from around the world; anthology including works from published authors, journalists and some excellent new writers. See Not For Bedtime feature page. On special offer on-line now.
  • One Good Man, by Ruth Rowling, atmospheric World War 2 story set in Oslo- see One Good Man feature page.
  • Tubular Bridge, gripping historical thriller set against a Victorian backdrop of railway and bridge building - COMING SOON. See Tubular Bridge Feature page.
  • A Very European Death, ingenious eurothriller with a very authentic feel. On special offer on-line now. See A Very European Death feature page.
  • Where Birds Don't Sing, second in the acclaimed Windmills series; going fast, buy before it's out of print.
  • As well as many more commercially produced properly published books we also have several excellent, short-run office-produced, self-published books. Amongst them are the hilarious comet disaster spoof cum political satire Dagger First and its slightly more mainstream sequel Froxmap, and an exciting, slightly unusual, imaginative but based-on-facts thriller, Tengar Bridge.
  • The full fiction catalogue... Go to the Infinity Junction book list.
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    Additional Information about us and our books
       Inter-read is associated with publisher and bookseller Infinity Junction. Books for sale fall roughly into three types: mainly they are properly published high quality bookshop calibre works; we also have some low-volume office produced and self-published books; and there are digital texts in various formats. Some of these books are major works by leading lights in their fields, not published by any of the big name publishers because of their limited sales potential. Low-volume and self-published books are all decently printed, but the binding is sometimes of 'office' standard or 'rustically' home bound. It is made clear on each book details page on the Infinity Junction website and inside the on-line shop when the finish is not quite bookshop quality.
       Bookshop quality books come from several publishers including Infinity Junction, Duprevent, Horseshoe Publications, Coracle, and from time to time other registered publishers.
       Low-volume books vary slightly, but, for example, Infinity Junction's Budding Author guide, which is printed in very small batches to allow continuing updates in a changing world, is high quality laser printed (better than standard commercial ink-printing) on decent paper, is stapled into a glossy printed cover and the staples hidden with a spine tape. This is fairly typical although we do sometimes have other books which have been spine-welded into a plastic back strip. Both are secure but there is no proper printing on the spine to tell you what it is whilst on the bookshelf.
       Electronic texts etc are usually stored by Infinity Junction and sent via e-mail, although we can and do burn CD's in some cases. This method of publication is still not widely accepted by the general public and there is as yet no common standard format. However publishing this way is comparatively cheap. At its simplest it is merely a Word document, but newer 'electronic book' formats are more difficult to copy and some say easier to use.

    If you are interested in selling your book through Infinity Junction's live on-line trading system, click this link to find out more, (takes you away from inter-read) OR E-mail us now.

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