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  • Sadly Writers Showcase at inter-read.com has been cut due to lack of regular volunteers to run this non-profit service. From time to time we may reinstate various sections of it but pressure of work means that the original volunteers can no longer spend the necessary time editing and updating it. Shame, but thanks to those who did help and all who have contributed over the years.
  • One of the things most small publishers and self-publishers discover is just how difficult it is to get national newspapers to take them seriously. Well, it can be done and Infinity Junction have proved it, but not here... in Norway. First time author Ruth Rowling was both surprised and delighted to discover she had effectively a whole page spread in Aftenposten, Norway's number one broadsheet newspaper. An article and review of her novel One Good Man can be seen at the Aftenposten website - sorry to UK readers: it's in Norwegian! (But you can read a translation of some of it on the reviews page at the Infinity Junction website.)
  • You may be aware that the Infinity Junction website has a number of specialist sections, written by genuine experts in their subject. Well these elicit many e-mails asking for help and advice, all of which is given free by the enthusiasts concerned. Some of the questions are, well, bizarre. There's a popular diets section where many fads are debunked and replaced by sensible advice, and there is a web page about terrapins, of all things. This section recently received the question, 'is my terrapin dead?' That's a first for us.
  • Managing Editor of Infinity Junction and founder of Inter-Read, Neil Gee, has decided to 'decelerate' over the next few years and therefore it is likely there will be a limit to book titles accepted and published by Infinity Junction. As a writer and author himself, he hopes to use the extra time to do more of his own work. Our 'Funny' correspondent, Evelyn Murray, asked whether this would mean the controversial satirical novel Infinity Junction, from which the publishing concern derived its name, would be back on the publishing list. The answer was a curt 'probably not!'
       Given that a childrens book he wrote was recently shortlisted out of of a huge entry for a major prize, maybe he'll grow downwards, in a literary sense?
  • Talking of Evelyn Murray, the Nesstown Zoo Saga book 5 has apparently had no progress made on it this summer. EM claims it's because of global warming, but gossip has it there might be a completely new serial in the offing. Shh, I didn't say that, right?

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