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Inter-Read is an offshoot of publisher and bookseller Infinity Junction dotCom whose comprehensive website is one of the most popular in UK publishing. Inter-Read displays additional useful and entertaining material not included on the main Infinity Junction website. Infinity Junction offers a variety of of services to writers and other publishers, including a large automated on-line shop.
At the main Infinity Junction website there is also help for authors wishing to get themselves published.

On this website -

  • Our Book List - a very much simplified version of the full book list at Infinity Junction
  • Writers Corner - A new 'chat show' of a page replacing the original Writers Showcase, which alas we no longer have volunteers to run.
  • Fun for Free - suck it and see, changed regularly
  • Help, Contact Details, Other Interesting and Useful Websites

    If you are looking for interesting and unusual books, (you can buy live on-line right now,) or you have a high quality work which you wish to publish and sell, click here to go to the Infinity Junction website.Or why not check out the smaller UK specific site at Injun UK

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